Amelia at Glacier National Park

Writer, Speaker, Seeker

Since 2008, I have lived in the cloud forests of Costa Rica, in the perpetual summer of Salvador da Bahia, Brazil, and in the southern pocket of Austin, Texas. Now, I am the Chief Storyteller of Shaping Sapiens, a podcast series that spotlights the modern-day Hero on his or her modern-day Journey. I am also a Saybrook University graduate with a Master of Arts in Humanistic and Existential Psychology with a specialization in Creativity Studies. My research focused on the embodiment of creativity through authentic storytelling and how fear shapes the creative process. Human potential deeply fascinates me, and by exploring it, I have learned that creativity is not just for those with degrees, costumes, or who wander off to exotic locales. It is for all of us.

Because it is us.

We are creators. Every breath. Every thought. Every route to work. Every word we speak is an act of creation. We are in constant creative motion headed past the stars, birthing ideas out of sound, ink, and binary codes. Plato defined a “true artist” as one who expresses Being itself. Ruth Richards, editor of Everyday Creativity and New Views of Human Nature, said: We are all creative, and we are all artists whether we are viewing art or making it. And I believe to be dressed in skin, decorated with emotions, and a survivor of everyday life are the basic requirements to be an Artist.

This blog is a collection of my observations, imaginings, vulnerabilities, research, and dreams. So, check it out. Look around. Leave me a comment. Shoot me an e-mail.

Happy wanderings, fellow Creators.

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