You are a soul having a human experience.

When we are born, we are pure potentiality. Pure light. Pure joy. As we grow and develop into children, we begin to naturally separate from our mother and explore the world, testing its limits to what we are able to do. It’s exhilarating. While we are exploring this new life and gaining awareness and new levels of consciousness every day, we also begin being conditioned by our environment: learning what we can and can’t do, what our family believes is right or wrong, what our schools teach, what our friends think. The list goes on.

Slowly but surely, we become identified with our world, eventually bogged down by responsibilities, anxieties, fears and beliefs about who, what, where and how we should be. If we are not taught early on how to hold on to our original source of light or how to seek it out in times of trouble, we can become lost. Disillusionment, stagnation, uncertainty and loneliness can creep in, leaving us in a constant search of that source outside of ourselves: relationships, career, materialism, and addictions.

The good news? What you are looking for is still within you.

Soul Stewardship is a wholistic coaching and healing practice, born from the idea that we are stewards of our own soul—and that your soul chose this body, this personality, with its unique set of circumstances to care for it for the entirety of this lifetime. In all of space, time, and human history, there has never been another unique soul/steward pairing like you. No one else has been born into your body, your family, your culture, or your challenges at this particular moment in time.

My mission is to help guide you in understanding your journey. Through a blending of humanistic & existential psychology, spirituality, energy healing, and sound & movement expression, this coaching and healing experience guides in peeling back the layers to go deep to help you reclaim your innermost light.

You’ve been entrusted with this one life with this soul. Let’s reclaim it, shall we?