Love from my clients 💛

Amelia is an instinctive listener, an eternal optimist and an old soul. She sees the interconnectedness of seemingly unrelated events and is willing to discuss the good, the bad and the ugly. When Amelia says the words-- I hear you-- you are overcome by a deep sense of comfort. I am on track to end the year energized and inspired, with a growth mindset! There’s no replacement for putting in the hard work and there’s no replacement for a coach like Amelia.” — Josh, Austin, Texas 

“Over the last two years, Amelia has helped me grow as a person immensely. She helped me to gain confidence and to believe in myself. It’s very important to have a coach that genuinely cares about you and tailors action items to you and not ‘by the book’. Amelia does all that and more. All her advice became part of my life and I’m really grateful I found her.” — Meisy, San Francisco, California

“Her energy and passion for coaching really stands out and empowers you to do your best. There were some low days in my work life and these times you don't want to do a lot of work or think about too much as you're maybe stressed or frustrated. I remember she made me do live meditation couple sessions just to relax a little bit. There were times she also holds me accountable for my habits. She obviously was more than a leadership coach after a while and became a career coach to me.” — Ilker, Menlo Park, California