I am Amelia



For the last 13 years, I have worn many hats. From a travel vendor on a military base to a production assistant at a book publishing company; to a writer, producer and event coordinator at three different startups; to being a leadership & communication coach for multilingual employees at tech companies all over the world — while simultaneously being the head of hiring, recruiting and training of 150 coaches from 38 countries.

Like many people, I found myself time and time again trying to fit myself into a box of who I was supposed to be. Though I deeply enjoyed working with my teams, at the end of the day, I was never motivated by ROI or revenue. What I’ve cared about, and will always care about, is the human experience. As you can imagine, this can be difficult in the business world where profits are often put over people.

Over these 13 years, I have made many jumps when my soul has asked me to, but the two most significant were: first, in 2014 to pursue my master’s in humanistic & existential psychology, and the second is now — with this practice.

Your job is to use your personality to serve the energy that is your soul — Oprah

I am a speaker, a truth-seeker, a storyteller, a healer, a deep listener and a believer in profound self-expression. I take risks, I jump cliffs — and I do it all in the pursuit of gaining a glimmer of understanding the big “Why”of why we are all here. I am interested in the crucial conversations we need to have with ourselves and those around us. I am interested in knowing what keeps us up at night, in knowing what sets our hearts aflame, a fright, a flutter. What are we afraid of? Why are we afraid of it?

And most of all: What are we going to do about it?


More about me

My entire life has been a spiritual awakening. From an early age I have had the gift of being able to experience receiving messages from Spirit. As a child, I was also deeply fascinated by stories and physical self-expression, leading to a life-long love affair with performance arts and creative writing.

I was born in San Antonio, Texas, raised in Warner Robins, Georgia, and I currently reside in Brooklyn, New York. I am descended from a lineage of intuitive women with roots in indigenous Texas and México, including migratory heritage from the Spanish colonies. I have lived in Costa Rica, Brazil, Alaska and Austin, Texas.

I hold an M.A. in Humanistic & Existential Psychology from Saybrook University with a specialization in Creativity Studies. My graduate work included: shamanic dreamwork and interpretation; storytelling and movement expression as healing arts; and death, loss & meaning in existential psychology. My thesis was an autoenthnographic inquiry into how fear shapes the creative process.

I am also the podcast host of Shaping Sapiens, and I have been featured as a main speaker for Creative Mornings.

In this practice, I am simply an instrument for divine guidance and healing. It is my life’s honor to serve and inspire others in their own paths to authentic self-expression.

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