When Your Aunt is Everything with Wings

Tia Stephanie 1
When your aunt is everything with wings,
Light is her preferred method of travel.
Floating. Skimming.
Air is water
and gravity, optional.
When your aunt is everything with wings,
Courage glitters her skin.
Bravery is her cartilage.
Divinity, her flight path.
When your aunt is everything with wings,
She teaches what effortless beauty looks like,
How grace is weightless,
and joy, a song.
When spring blooms and
stars fall, winds whip
and sea mammals breach —
and faith
have names,
when your aunt is everything with wings.
Happy Birthday, Tia Stephanie. ❤ What an honor it is to be your niece.
Photo credit: Stephanie Jensen Garza

The Neuroscience of Creativity

You know that feeling when you’ve made eye contact with a stranger and the immediate urge you feel to quickly look away? That “Oh shit. They saw me. QUICK. Look away!” feeling? The seemingly natural instinct to avert your eyes and hide so they can’t see you?

No, not the physical you — obviously they can still see that. I’m talking about the real you. The one that is clothed underneath all that fabric, paste, frames, jewels, cologne, skin, blood, and bones. The real you that pulses like a light in the distance. The one that doesn’t want to shine too bright in anyone else’s eyes, too afraid to blind them — shutting it off like headlights to oncoming traffic.

What would happen if you held on? If you looked back at them and steadied your flame into that connection?

Only one way to find out.

I say: SHINE IT. BRIGHTLY. And in their face. I give you permission to leave those headlights on. Leave them. Illuminate them. And make night into day.

Dear friends, this is one idea among many that are born daily in my brain — each with the hope of growing up and becoming a part of a big creative film project I’ve got percolating in my mind. I’m just beginning grad school where I am pursuing my M.A. in Psychology with a specialization in Creativity Studies, or as I’d like to say: “The Neuroscience of Creativity.”

I want to capture my grad school journey — MY creative process through the lens of a camera — and I want to share it with the world. I want to inspire people to inspire themselves.

Your contributions through GoFundMe would support tuition, equipment, and funds for my research. And above all, my vision. My dream.  And in exchange, I promise to keep you updated on my journey, because with your support it’s bound to be one wild ride.

See? I’ve even included you all here on my dream board:

Amelia's Vision Board

It’s like we’ve already met. 🙂

I love you, you beautiful saucy funder, you. Even if we never physically meet, I want you to know how much I appreciate your existence. If you can support financially — even five bucks — I thank you. If you can’t, I implore you to contribute whatever it is that you wish you could fund to me and donate its equal value in creative spirit. However you’d like. Because, dear friends, creativity is not just for me or those with degrees or for those who live in a far-off exotic local. It’s for all of us.

Because it is us.

In the words of Elizabeth Gilbert: “Always, always, always choose creativity over fear.”


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