Creative Mornings: Risk

26237724474_789df64ee1_oPhoto credit: Thomas Meredith

“Sometimes, great tragedy is the catalyst for great adventure.”

Two weeks ago I had the honor of speaking at Creative Mornings Austin, and it gives me great pleasure to officially share it with all of you. This story is the culmination of the last two years of my work and my life, and I am so proud to post it here today.

Thank you to my friends, my coach, my professors, my family, Mechi, and  every. single. person that hosted me on my journey last year. This talk would NOT have been possible without all of you…

And last but not least, thank YOU, dear friend reading this now. This story is for you.

May your next “Yes” turn into the best risk of all.



Screen Shot 2016-05-12 at 5.37.16 p.m.


6 thoughts on “Creative Mornings: Risk

  1. Amelia, My God, just when I think I can’t be more impressed with you…you do this to me EVERY TIME!!! Not only is the story you told amazing, and the life you’ve lived amazing, but you didn’t say a single “um” throughout that whole speech. You are my freakin’ hero!

  2. Amelia, I love you! Thank you for taking the risk to live fully. Thank you for honing your skills through the years to reach this point of such joy for the process that you could share your life with us and help us become more fully aware of the fact that life involves a bit of risking who we truly are each day. You have invigorated me to trust the process and live through the difficult times. Thank you. Thank you for being you! You’re a beautiful writer, thinker and doer of things you imagine will enhance life and I appreciate you so much for this. Proud moment. Keep being awesome!

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